Rehabilitation Facility
At Colonial Poplin we strive to continuously improve outcomes with a focus on a return to normal function. With an in-house rehabilitation staff of Physical and Occupational Therapists and Speech Language Pathologists, we are able to provide rehabilitation services up to seven days a week. We also provide weekly rounds by a Respiratory Therapist.

When a patient begins therapy, we devise individualized short term and long term recovery goals partnering with the patient’s at home physicians. Our treatment based approach factors in history, current symptoms and clinical evidence in order to achieve maximum results and prevent re-hospitalization following discharge home.
What to Expect from our In-House Rehabilitation Team:

• Evaluation of current functional level within 24 hours of admission
• Plan of care established by registered therapist along with patient and patient’s support team
• Development of realistic short and long term goals
• PT and OT treatment up to seven times per week
• Speech Therapy five times per week
• Durable Medical Equipment available to meet post surgical needs
• Available Modified Barium Swallow testing
• Daily Restorative programs for patients who do not require or cannot tolerate intensive services
• Communication and follow-up with surgeons and primary care physicians to provide easier transition to home
• Discharge Planning (starts upon admission)
• Home evaluations
Specialized programs include:

Cardiopulmonary – Our focus is to improve overall cardiopulmonary function for residents with primary or secondary diagnoses of CHF or COPD by monitoring/tracking symptoms on a daily basis.

Wound Healing - Our interdisciplinary wound healing program incorporates Nursing and Rehab staff to assist in more effectively treating chronic and slow healing wounds.  

ACP - We utilize ACP, which is a multimodality system designed for pain management, wound healing and neuromuscular re-education. Available modalities include electrical stimulation, diathermy and ultrasound as well as closed pulse irrigation for wound healing.

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